Erich Fromm ist ein deutsch-amerikanischer Psychoanalytiker,

Philosoph und Sozialpsychologe.

Zu seinen Büchern gehören „ Die Flucht vor der  Freiheit“, „Die Kunst des Liebens“, „Haben oder Sein" und "Die Kunst des Lebens“. Im folgenden finden sie einige Auszüge aus "Die Kunst des Liebens"

Erich Fromm, a German-American psychoanalyst, philosopher and social psychologist wrote extensivels about the true nature of love in

his book "The Art of Loving"

Is love an art?

The basic elements of love

What does love require of us?

How to overcome our sense of being seperate.

Following are some of his ideas on a variety of subjects

Much insight is also contained in the book:

Conversations with God" by Donald Neal Walsch


Viel Einsicht ist auch in dem Buch

Gespräche mit Gott "von Donald Neal Walsch enthalten.

In dem folgende Aussschnitt aus dem zweiten Buch der drei teiligen Serie spricht Donald Neal Walsch darüber, wie die Energie, die wir durch unsere Gedanken und Gefühle in die Welt aussenden, die Matrix, oder das Kollektivbewusstsein der Welt erschafft, in der wir leben

In the following excerpt from the second book of the three-part series, Donald Neal Walsch talks about how the energy we send out into the world through our thoughts and feelings creates the matrix, or collective consciousness, of the world in which we live

Hier spricht der Author über die wirkliche Bedeutung und Lehre von Jesus

Here the author speaks about the real meaning and teaching of Jesus.

Das Buch "Goldene Regel der Esoterik" von Gottfried De Purucker beinhalted auch

unzählige Weisheiten, welche euch helfen können, die wirkliche Natur des Lebens besser zu verstehen.

Rollo May is a psychoanalyst from New York. In his book Man’s search for himself he talks about our predominant sense of religion, and how it stifles the development and growth of the individual, as well as the importance of being aware of ones body,and how all of this relates to our overall sense of health and happiness. 

The Science of Mind is another very intriguing book, written by Ernest Holmes, an American New Thought writer and teacher. 

No Excuses "The power of Self discipline" is  from Brian Tracy a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

Carl Rogers was an american psychologist who originated the nondirective, or client-centred, approach to psychotherapy, emphasizing a person-to-person relationship between the therapist and the client. Here he speaks about the good life and what that constitutes.

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