1972-1983   Anne Frank Realschule Mainz 

• Realschulabschluss 





11 /1983-5 /1985   Military service Marburg, Germany 

• Basic training in medical services 





6/1985 -7/1988   Ott & Heinemann, Frankfurt 

Apprenticeship in merchandising and sales 

• Areas of training: textile, sales technique, merchandise management, purchasing planning and processing, advertising and marketing. 

• Graduated from the industry and chamber of commerce 



Further education 


2/1989-12/1989   World Trade Academy, Frankfurt 

• Distance learning course in banking, international trade and finance 


4/1993-7/1995   University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 

33 hours towards BA 

• Interests Journalism, Advertising and Liberal Arts 


3/1995-8/1995   Dale Carnegie, Lawrence, Kansas 

• Leadership Training and Effective Communication 


7/1996 -12/1996   Toastmasters International, Lawrence, Kansas 

• Introductory course in rhetoric 



Professional Experience 


 9/1988-11/1990   PPD Marketing Services, Bad Homburg 

 Marketing partner and project manager 

• Mediators of marketing and advertising material for photo equipment, sports drinks, audio, video cassettes and video games 

• Team Member and head of Marketing Campaigns. 

 5/1992-11/1991 Packer Plastics, Lawrence, Kansas   
•   Quality control and packing of plastic containers   


1/1992-8/2000   Sallie Mae, Lawrence, Kansas 

Claims specialist 

• Analysis of loan applications for completeness and clarity through contact with students, references and educators 

• Review of financial rules for the precise processing of student loans. 


 9/2000-12/2003   DST Systems Lawrence, Kansas 

Mutual Funds Analyst 

• Responsible for the correct processing of investment fund documents and financial charts 

• Support for Mutual-Funds clients for Pfizer and Eli Lilly 


5/2004-12/2004   Lucky Marketing San Francisco, California 

Field representative 

• Carrying out advertising ad campaigns 


7/2004-5/2005   Red and Whilte Fleet, San Francisco, California 

Customer Service Agent  

• Recruiting tourists to sign up for Bay area cruises on Fisherman's wharf 

1/2005-7/2005   555 Guest House San Francisco, California 

Management trainee 

• Responsible for financial transactions, reservations, supervision and recruitment of new staff • Supporting 8 employees and 50 guests 


8/2005 -6/2008   Tactical Telesolutions, San Francisco, California 

Call Center Representative (international) 

• Development of relationships with old and potential new customers 

• Informing customers of new products, services and seminars 


8/2008 -2/2010   Invention Springboard, Fairfield, California 

Patent Research Analyst 

• Internet research of companies copying existing patents. 

• Development of new templates and investigation methods 


3/2010 -11/2010   Google, Mountain View, California 

Data Research Specialist 

• Verifying the correct information of European companies through internet research and telephone contacts 


3/2011 - 3/2012   EMI MUSIC/ Capitol Records, San Francisco 

Brand manager  

• Distribution of advertising material at music events and festivals. 

1/2012 - 9/2012   Soiree Valet, San Francisco, California  

Parking and security officer 

• Parking assistance for parties, weddings and company events 

5/2012 -1/2013   Socialarc, Emeryville, California   

Information analyst  

• Verifying social media content for Visa Marketing campaign. 


4/2016 - 9/2016   GoNetwork, Darmstadt, Germany 

• Telemarketing team leader 

Campgaign for existing customers for "Kabel Deutschland." 


2/2017 - 8/2017   Reichsgraf von Ingelheim, Nackenheim, Germany 

• Consultant for luxury wines  


9/2017 - 5/2018   teleMatrix, Mainz, Germany 

• Call center agent  

6/2018 - 9/2018  Communicom, Mainz

•  Call center agent

11/2018 - present, CTM, Wiesbaden

•  Customer service agent


Secondary activity 

3/2009 - Presently 

• Lifecoach and Language Teacher