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Freude fängt mit dir an. Nicht mit deinen Beziehungen, nicht mit deinem Job, nicht mit deinem Geld, nicht mit deinen Verhältnissen, aber mit dir.

Our consumption and market society rests on the idea that you can buy happiness, like you can buy anything. And if you dont have to pay money for something, then it can't make you happy. But that happiness is something completely different, which only comes from your own efforts, from the inside, and does not cost any money, that happiness the cheapest is that exists in the world, that is what people do not realize.

Die wirkliche Bedeutung von Freude kann mit den Worten eines Deutschen Kinderliedes zusammengefasst werden:

The real meaning of happiness can summed up with the words of a German children's song: 

It does not take much to be happy 

and   who is happy   is a king. ​​